Saturday, August 19, 2006

Looking up

Yep, that's how things are right now. Looking up. A much-needed vacation is less than a couple of weeks away. Might squeeze in a post before then.

Been very inactive on f0t0n over the last couple of months. But I haven't been slacking off in that time. Been working hard at creating an art portfolio for a gallery in Dallas. Before you ooh and aah, I should add that the project is in status quo right now. More on that as and when it happens. Till then, watch this space for more action.


tarang said...

As usual nice work man!!..

Will be waiting for the starlit, star studded display of fantabulous work to unravel at Dallas. Good Luck with it!!!

Debanshu Mukherjee said...

Hi bro...when are you coming?

mar00ned said...

Alive? Dead? Hibernating?