Saturday, August 12, 2006

Coy - 2

Alrite. I'll admit it. The last couple of posts were lame. Making up for the same here. The D50 is being put to use only for the pics on this blog. Been a while since I updated f0t0n. Well, things are in a state of flux right now. Trip to India is less than a month away. Will wait for the dust to settle down before I get back on the fotoblog. Till then, watch this space for more action.

Ciao people, be good.


sneha said...

hey, great work!

mar00ned said...


[[Please allow non-blogger users to comment here as well]]

Divya said...

Ooh these are brilliant!!

Morpheus said...

I like this one..its lovely. Was in edinburgh looking at some paintings (rubbish ones) for sale at silly prices..You must do an exhibition..your work is REALLY good.