Saturday, February 16, 2008

One side of the story

Been experimenting with the female profile. And draped cloth. Here's a sample of the results.

Thanks to Mandhir for suggesting the title. Somewhat. And to the others for their inputs.

Also, this may be slightly off-topic, but I have to share an excerpt of a recent conversation with a grocery store clerk. (Name withheld to preserve anonymity. No trust me, its needed).

Clerk: So where you from?
Me: India.
Clerk: That's like near Egypt right?
Me: (Deep breath) Yeah. Right between Sudan and Ethiopia.
Clerk: Etho-what?
Me: (Deeper breath) E-thi-o-pia.
Clerk: Iddat even a country? I thought it was an imaginary place or somethin' like that.
Me: I think you're confusing it with Utopia. Ethiopia is very much real.
Clerk: Oh well. I learn somethin' new everyday.
Me: Good for you.

I'm not sure if this is humorous or pitiable. Maybe both.


Chamki said...

Lady Everyday

Chamki said...

on second thought..

Our Lady of Everyday.

(like Our Lady Of Heaven etc.)

mandhir said...

Every Story Has Two sides to it!

Chamki said...

I could make you a business card. Those were mine on the blog. You could send me your details or I could draw you something and post it as well. But why would you want me to do something when you make women come alive yourself?

lotsa love,

NARENDRA said...
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NARENDRA said...

LOL .. That's funny.
However I am surprised that with outsourcing having to be this big agenda for so many years now, "India" is still not known to this population.
Do they even know all the 7 continents, duh?

Serendipity said...

This one reminds me of Benazir Bhutto.
(I love your sketches man!)

Anonymous said...

@serendipity: Yes! Thats what I thought too!
@Spacemonkey: Incredible sketches! This is my first time on your blog - looks like I have a lot of catching up to do here!! Ur gonna find me often here!

Morpheus said...

If thats how the man learns and the amount he knows, he will need a long life!!
Liking the draping work..