Friday, July 07, 2006


NO. This blog is not dead. And nor am I. Been pursuing other interests lately. Travelling, biking and of course, the FIFA world cup. Made a short trip to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Got loaded on tequilas and chiquitas. Haven't decided which I liked more. Bot a new all-terrain bike a month back. Sidewalks are the only terrain I have explored so far. But a 'pedal in the right direction' at least.

Framed and donated some of my art-work. 'Donated' because nobody pays good money for art these days. Which, sadly, might kill this blog someday. Sigh.

(Accepting donations now.)

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Morpheus said...

Dont give up. You are good at this.
I cant get around to donating or selling what I make...I dont know how you do it.
I see you have been travelling at well huh?
Good good. I like this speaks.