Monday, April 10, 2006

Big Bend and Beyond

Well people,

Was far away from civilization and the blog last weekend. Made the Big Bend road trip. South of Texas. Bordering on Mexico. Dry desert county. Three days out in the wild. No radio. No TV. No cell phone. No internet. Trekking. Hiking. More trekking. Blisters. Bruises. Sunsets. Gorges. Canyons. Rock formations. Stunts. Near-death-experiences. Enlightenment. Wild-flowers. Vistas. Shock. Awe. Alcohol. Numbness. Nirvana. Inspiration.

Orgasmic. Ya, I know. Alrite, let's not get carried away. Awesome experience. Period.

Fotography happened. Sad part is that I damaged the D50. Sigh. :-( Yes, I wept. All pics taken with the PowerShot. Working on the D50. Hope I don't damage my wallet in the process.

There will be a state of suspension of activity on this blog till the D50 issue is resolved. Please bear with me.


Princess_Fyara said...

Sounds like an awesome experience! I would love to do something like that. :)

mar00ned said...

Sad news. But dont worry. I too messed up my camera on my India trip. Got it repaired. The only thing is takes is a lot of time :-).
BTW I like the 385 waala pick. Its awesome. I only wish you had cropped out the car side mirror.

SpaceMonkey said...

Marooned, thx for the reassurance. I liked the 385 marker pic too. The others are more 'touristy' - if you will. The rear view mirror thing was intentionally left there. Wanted to provide a 'frame of context', which in this case was the car window.

mar00ned said...

It would have really rocked if the rear view mirror gave a perspective of the road left behind. Anyways ... superb shot.

sheetal said...

nice pics, liked the sky...but would like to see more pics givin a brief idea of how the NP looks.

Sakshi said...

Your snaps are way too good. I am planning to buy Nikon D50 myself, do you think it's worth the money or should I go in something else...within the $600 price bracket.


Abhinay said...

The last picture is pretty good man, you took it from the running car right? looks as a still picture. this kind of photograph is possible if you can keep your hand steady, which is very difficult from a running car.