Thursday, March 23, 2006

Suspended Animation

Sorry folks, had to revisit the 'Doodling Experiment'. Several areas left unexplored. The D50 is not gathering dust though. All pics are products thereof. Not the best use of the D50, but a start anyhow. Lame start, I agree. Used graphite, charcoal and kneaded rubber in the above. Post processed for the over-exposed look.


mar00ned said...

This is quite stunning dude.

I finally got the Eisner/Miller gifted to me by someone :-).

Did watch V4V ... neat stuff.

SpaceMonkey said...
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SpaceMonkey said...

@ Marooned, WTG !! :)

Morpheus said...

Nice! Very you only sketch women?
Btw..V4V is pretty decent a film. Stirred up the activist in me :) I dont think the storyline follows the comic though..not that I read the whole thing. I did manage to sit through the film.